Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

The Powerpuff girls are characters from an animated series of the same name. It focuses on three young girls, who have superpowers and fight crime in their hometown of Townsville. Which Powerpuff girl are you? Answer the questions on our quiz and we will let you know which of the three that your personality best matches. Possible results include Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.

Instructions: This is in multiple choice format. So just select the answer that you feel like best applies to you and it will give you your result at the end. Should be pretty simple to follow.

Which of these words best describes you?
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What do you love the most?
Which friend are you?
What interests you the most?
Which of these words best describes you?
What do you like the most?
Choose a Harry Potter character
What do you dislike the most?
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All Of The Possible Results And More About The Characters


Blossom is known for being the leader of the trio. Her signature color is pink and she has orange hair.

Blossom is very smart and is the most level-headed of the three. Her strategic abilities play a big role in the success of the trio and her planning usually helps them get the job done. She is able to take control of any situation, making the crucial decisions that help her sisters succeed. She is someone who focuses on setting and achieving long-term goals. Blossom likes to read and enjoys learning new things.

In terms of powers, Blossom has a special ability where she can use Ice Breath.

The character is voiced by Cathy Cavadini in the 1998 TV series. Cathy’s other best known work is doing the voice of Tanya in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. The character was voiced by Amanda Leighton in the 2016 TV series. Amanda’s other credits include  The Fosters and This Is Us.


Bubbles is known for being very sweet and kind. Her signature color is blue and she has blonde hair.

Bubbles is considered to be the glue that keeps the trio together. Without her, the sisters would (most) likely spend their time fighting with one another instead of fighting crime. Bubbles loves animals and is someone who is very artistic. She is optimistic, funny, and has a bubbly personality.

In terms of powers, Bubbles has a special ability where she can project sonic screams that are very powerful.

The character is voiced by Tara Strong in the 1998 TV series. Strong has tons of voice credits to her name, including shows like The Fairly OddParents and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The character was voiced by Kristen Li in the 2016 TV series. Li has credits that include Family Guy, Monsters University and Modern Family.


Buttercup is known for being strong and for being a tomboy. Her signature color is green and she has short black hair.

Buttercup is the muscle of the trio and is considered to be the toughest fighter around. She is someone who likes physical activity and getting her hands dirty. She is someone who usually acts before she thinks, which can get her (and her sisters) into trouble. Either way, she is usually about to fight her way out of it due to her fighting abilities.

In terms of powers, Buttercup has a special ability where she can Curl her tongue, which nobody else in her town can do.

The character is voiced by E. G. Daily in the 1998 TV series. Daily is probably best know for her voice role as Tommy Pickles in the show Rugrats and as Babe in Babe: Pig in the City. The character is voiced by Natalie Palamides in the 2016 TV series. Natalie has credits that include Duncanville and Bob’s Burgers.

So, which of them did you get on our personality quiz? Let us know in the comment section and be sure to share this with your followers to compare your answers. We would also love to know what your favorite episode or moment is from the series.

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